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Welcome to your New Church Home -- Westside Ministries Indianapolis

"Teaching, Preaching and Living the Present Truth One Family at a Time"

Most Recent Sermon Preached at Westside Ministries:  

"A Sound Mind in an Unstable World"

Health and Wellness Seminar by John Skeete - Night 1 (July 17, 2022)

Health and Wellness Seminar by John Skeete - Night 2 (July 18, 2022)

Don and Donna Mohl Concert at Westside Ministries in March of 2022

Video: "The Awakening:  Asleep right before the coming of the Lord" - Even though America and the rest of the world are experiencing a multitude of crises of biblical proportions, many are spiritually asleep in a backslidden condition. This video is for the purpose of waking you up to help you see how you can be prepared for the coming of the Lord and the big test that we will all soon face. Also, we share our testimony of how God woke us up from spiritual death.


Video: "Climate Change" - Global weather statistics prove that the climate is changing. Is this predicted in the Bible? If so, what is the cause of climate change? How will the Devil use this crisis to bring in the Mark of the Beast? Find out in this eye opening video!


Video: "Faithful unto Death" - All throughout history, since the fall of mankind, Satan has sought to exterminate God's people.  As we near the end God's people will have to face martyrdom and persecution.  Watch this video and learn about the faithful martyrs in times past so that you can overcome the coming test as they overcame!


Video: "The Crowning Act of Satan's Deceptions" - Satan has mastered his deceptions for 6,000 years, but right before Jesus comes, Satan will do his crowning act of his deceptions. What will this crowning act be? How will we be able to overcome this masterful deception and be ready for Jesus' coming? Watch the video and find out!


Video: "COVID-19 What's will happen next?" - Learn about where we are in Bible prophecy as the world faces the worst crisis of modern times -- the Coronavirus pandemic.   Find out what will come next and how you can overcome the Big Test ahead of us!


Video: "The Great Controversy" - The eye opening video reveals how sin began in the universe, how it was brought to planet earth, the struggle that goes on now between Jesus and Satan, and how it will finally come to an end.  This is the first S4C video that includes animation to help illustrate the teachings of God's Word. 


Video:  "Righteousness by Faith" - The MOST IMPORTANT teaching in the Bible is the teaching of Righteousness by Faith.  This is why S4C put together a very informative video on this topic that you might understand this Truth and be ready for heaven!


Video:  "A Health Message from the Bible" - In a time when there is so much sickness and disease among both Christians and non-Christians, it's good to know that God has a special health message for His people.  The video will show you from the Word of God how you can prevent and cure disease without  drugs and medication!


Free Bible Study Lessons

Westside Ministries will send you FREE Bible Lessons that will help you to have a more in depth knowledge of the Bible so that you will be able to discern between Truth and error in a world filled with religious confusion.

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